"Martha" Hits Number One on Hunters Bay Radio!

On September 16th, "Martha" hit Number 1 after six weeks on the charts for Hunters Bay Radio, a fine independent station in Muskoka, also heard throughout the world on the web. You can request to hear "Martha" by emailing the…


"Shack By The Tracks" on the radio!

The songs from “Shack By The Tracks” are beginning to receive strong support from radio on many different programmes and stations. Below is a list detailing some of the songs broadcasted.  A big thanks to all who have spun a…


Chris Staig and the Marquee Players: Summer Residencies!

Chris Staig and the Marquee Players announce four monthly residencies in the Toronto area during the summer months of 2015

Who: Chris Staig (guitar, vocals, harmonica), Stephen O’Toole (bass), Shelley Coopersmith (violin and mandolin) and Ian MacKay (drums)




Great Review of "Shack By The Tracks"!

Check out this review of the soon to be launched "Shack By Tracks". It's a good one! Thanks to Don Graham and Cashbox Canada. Follow this link!


Cool Critique of "Shack By The Tracks and Launch Parties"

Thanks to for this cool mention of the album and the upcoming release parties. Please follow this link!’s-sunday-matinee-shad-andria-simone-chris-staig-cancer


A little video for "Tulane"

Here's a video of "Tulane" from "Shack By The Tracks". Pics from shows over the last couple of years: We are looking forward  to the launch parties at Junction City Music Hall  on Friday April 3rd and at Dora Keogh…


First DJ to spin a song from "Shack by the Tracks" is...!

The first disc jockey to spin a tune from Chris Staig's "Shack by the Tracks" was Richard Altavista of CKCU in Ottawa. He played "Tulane" and enthused “Great record, I suggest you search that one out, you will not be…