Chris Staig Live Video of 'Fell Off the Wagon" at Pearson International Airport

During this career as musician, which I prefer think of as a calling, not a career, I have played some bizarre gigs. I played a buffalo roast at age 14. I have played bars, theatres, on the street, on the sidewalk and high at the CN Tower. I have played a strip club called "Scanty's". I played an extremely depressing Fall Fair in Mamora, Ontario. I played an outdoor festival in New Orleans where the bagpiper grabbed the wrong tin whistle and we drove through the night back to Memphis... So when the North by Northeast festival invited me to play at Pearson International Airport, I thought nothing unusual here. In fact, I felt a duty to play my song "Fell Off the Wagon" at the airport. Here's the footage: Still, this gig was a bit bizarre. Do you agree, folks? See you at NXNE

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