Chris Staig "Mary" (Independent, 2009) Just Another Singer Songwriter?

Chris Staig "Mary" (Independent, 2009) Just Another Singer Songwriter? Chris Staig is an unfamiliar name to me although he has released two solo records several years ago. For this new record, ‘Mary’, Chris has brought in a band to supplement the sound which does bring some of the songs to life. Chris is stuck between country & pop a sort Ben Kweller with a touch of Ron Sexsmith struggling to be Ryan Adams. On that basis it has to be all about the songs and strength of the song writing – after several listens several songs began to work their way into the system. These songs show that Chris can write catchy pop such as ‘Remember To Breath’ and I see that Chris’s songs have been covered by the likes of Dan Bryk another Canadian (I can strongly recommend Dan’s record which features Ron Sexsmith). The record is split into two sides like an LP, with the first side containing the more up tempo songs and the second side sees Chris in a more contemplative mood and on the records best song ‘Make It Through’ Chris manages to clearly demonstrate he has the talent to raise his head above the normal navel gazers. As a Canadian (like Sexsmith) Chris Staig writes clever pop songs with a tinge of country, best heard on ‘Our Last Chance’, ‘She Haunts These Rooms’, and the superb slide guitar driven ‘Never Lies’. The record contains some core Americana values; strong songs, great voice and solid arrangements. Of course Chris is just another singer-songwriter but there’s enough potential on this record for Chris take his place next to Ron Sexsmith. Date review added: Thursday, May 28, 2009 Reviewer: andy r

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