"Shack By The Tracks" on the radio!

The songs from “Shack By The Tracks” are beginning to receive strong support from radio on many different programmes and stations. Below is a list detailing some of the songs broadcasted.  A big thanks to all who have spun a tune or two; we appreciate it!

 Shack By The Tracks on the radio:

 “Martha”:  CBC Radio Saskatchewan “The Afternoon Edition”, CJRT “Bluz FM”, CKCU “Both Kinds of Music”, 99.3 County FM “Folk Roots”


“Tap Your Toe”: “The Big Groove Radio Hour” (numerous stations), CKCU “Both Kinds of Music”, CBC Radio Ottawa “All in A Day”, 99.3 County FM “Folk Roots”


“Only You and Me” : CBC Radio “Fresh Air”, CKCU “Reigning and Training”, CKCU “Both Kinds of Music “


“Tulane” : CKCU “Both Kinds of Music”, WLSO “Longtown Sound”


“Ridge Road”:  CBC Radio “Fresh Air”