Staig and Billings weave together moments of introspection, nostalgia, and optimism through emotive storytelling, heartfelt vocals, and melodic instrumentation on 6 and 12 string guitars.” - Jenna Malenson

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Staig and Billings

Staig and Billings are Parkdale based singer songwriters with ten albums of original material in their collective history. Their repertoire also covers The Everly Brothers to The Beatles, and Lightfoot to The Sadies

There was a cracked 12 string guitar, and a 6 string, newly repaired after falling off the pool table at a biweekly gig.  A couple of trusty electric guitars and a bass made from a kit. A sip or two of Four Roses, and a few late studio nights right around the time of the passing of Gordon Lightfoot: “Years Gone By”, the first recording by Staig and Billings, was complete.

Staig and Billings will be supporting “Years Gone By” with performances throughout Ontario with an eye to perform across Canada and in the UK in 2024. A second EP is tentatively scheduled to be recorded in autumn of 2023. One day, Staig and Billings might even get around to repairing the crack in Jonathan’s 12 string guitar.

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